Let there be light

With the flip of a light switch, lighting is the easiest way to change the ambiance and mood of your home. Yet, most of our rooms are light challenged. The entire room reflects (pun intended) when lighting is done right.

The lights are on

Layer your light to add function, character and warmth. Start with overhead lighting, and then think about the function of the room. What kind of task lighting is necessary for it to make the space inviting and comfortable? Think floor lamps, table lamps, sitting in your favorite chair curled up with a book, bedside lamps and desk lighting.

A sofa table lamp adds light to a room

In the photo, a sofa table lamp adds functional light to a dark space. It makes the room feel cozy and comfortable by adding warmth and character.

A pineapple lamp adds whimsy

A pineapple base lamp provides whimsy to room decor, while adding task lighting.

A floor lamp adds bedside lighting

Bedside lighting is incredibly important. For rooms that are tight on space, a floor lamp saves the day. It maximizes space in a smart way, allowing big style in a small room.

Giant pendant chandeliers

Want to create intimacy? Think dimmers, they allow you to control the light in your home and business. Your needs for a quiet dinner party versus a child’s birthday party will be completely different. Chandeliers add a sense of drama. They are statement pieces and give your room maximum impact, and available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Chandelier light fixture in a dining room Moroccan chandelier light fixtures Mason jar light chandelier