Hello, My name is Laurie Struna and I love to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The magic of color, scale, texture, planning and arrangement  fill my days.  My passion for color, design and style crosses all areas of my life. I coordinate photo shoots, use color for creative messaging, incorporate it in a design projects and color consultations. Style is my world. I enjoy surrounding myself with things that make me smile. I am a story-teller by trade and love beautiful spaces that tell our stories and feature the special items, artifacts, collections and photos that bring us joy.

These are a few of my favorite things

Tinkering with spaces makes me happy. I enjoy tweaking a room’s paint color, adding meaningful artwork, repurposing a furniture find, or creating a new focal point, it’s my thing! Design is an experience and we never know where they will lead us.  My head is filled with ideas, and as a visual person my brain never shuts down. Inspiration is all around us. Stay tuned to see where my latest projects take me.


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