First impressions are everything

Dunn Edwards Pewter Patter makes a first impression

A building lobby provides first and last impressions, and communicates information about an organization to the world. Paint, fabric, furniture and accessories are great ways to transform a room, however if it looks dark, chances are it’s unwelcoming to employees and visitors.  The most overlooked way to change a room is through Lighting. 

First impressions matter

Natural lightening changes with the angle of the sun, and plays with color on walls. When selecting a paint color, it’s important to look at it at various times of the day.  A variety of lighting fixtures, along with light bulb selection enhances lighting, by adding ambiance and setting a mood. For example, a chandelier in the center of the room provides drama, and table lamps offer mood, or task lighting. A bold metal fringe ceiling provides the perfect pop for the chandeliers to be a focal point. The soft glow they provide for the center of the lobby is a bonus. 

Great lighting makes a first impression  A table lamp provides mood light