Lobby refresh

My assignment was to refresh an educational office building  that includes a bank, law firm and a federal government office. The goal to take a tired, outdated orange and gold color scheme that lacked a welcoming message, and turn it into comfortable space that serves the needs of all residents that work in the building.

Educational office building refresh

Dunn Edwards, Porous Stone, Pewter Patter, Metal Fringe and Midnight Sun blue, soothe and neutralize the space from hot sunny Arizona days, and serves as a canvas for artwork that features students from across the local school district.

Painting is magical to experience as it transforms the walls and architectural features in a dwelling. Paint defines spaces, creates flow and enhances the lines of a long narrow space bowling alley like space.

Create a focal point

Porous Stone is the main color selection, and Pewter Patter is an accent hue. Together they work to create a versatile neutral canvas.  Metal Fringe is the third color and packs a powerful punch, adding drama to the room in just the right places.  Sapphire blue was added in fabric and art work for a bold pop of color that enhances the gray tones.


   Previous lobby photos

dark and worn wall color