a sense of style in sentimental items

Develop your style

We communicate important messages to the world through our style. My parents taught me the importance of developing my own style. It takes humans about 2 seconds to make assumptions about other’s based on one’s sense of style.

It speaks to that old adage, “Just because one has money doesn’t mean they have style.”

Your home shouldn’t be a place to store your belongings. It should be your refuge.

My folks are the reason that I find design inspiration in everything. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my parents collaborating on design projects, making our house a home. Dad’s career involved relocating to a variety of little towns in the Midwest. Each home and community held new adventures. 

Find the magic

My journey growing up includes memories of an Iowa farmhouse and the installation of a cozy brick wall in the kitchen. The opportunity to design and build an outdoor deck and entertainment center presented during a move to a river-town in Illinois. My folks were ahead of their time, during the 70’s era.  Green and pink paisley outfitted a 1980’s Kansas kitchen. One element loving displayed in every home, a crystal chandelier, a special wedding keepsake for my parents, a gift from my grandparents.

As an adult, I am always updating and refining my sense of style. I love opening the crisp pages of a magazine and getting lost in the photos, concepts and ideas. There is nothing better than finding a fantastic blog that inspires me to dream about style. 

Look for style inspiration

I derive design inspiration spending a day at my favorite places. I dig the beach. Coffee houses make me feel cozy, and I enjoy sitting in a cafe, drinking in the pleasure of it’s sights, sounds and scents. I love daydreaming and planning how to incorporate the same feeling into my home, office or next project.

Our homes are a refuge from the demands of a hectic 21st Century world. Your kingdom should reflect your bring you comfort, reflect your style, personality and provide a space to recharge your batteries.

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