Step into the fabulous foyer of a classic Atlanta townhome

The foyer in all its fabulousness makes a powerful first impression. The magic of a warm and welcoming home starts the moment you walk through the entryway. This stage-setting space is where guests are greeted and sets the tone for one’s first experiences in your abode.  Often overlooked, the foyer communicates important messages about yourself to the world.

A welcoming foyer


A traditional townhome in Atlanta

Have you ever experienced the enchantment of instantly falling in love with a home or business the moment you enter it? Creating a sense of warmth and comfort, is inviting to people. We all want to be told that we’ve created an environment that others seek to be in.

It all starts at the threshold

My friend Cami reached out for my help to turn her new temporary suburban Atlanta townhome into an engaging environment. She moved cross-country for an incredible job opportunity, leaving behind all that was safe and familiar to her. Making her new home feel familiar, cheerful and comfortable was top priority.


Create foyer envy

The entrance is spacious and provides a nice landing for Cami to welcome guests.  We selected a neutral area rug for a variety of reasons. The gold hues blend with the cheerful wall color, and adds texture, absorbs sound, and softens the bold sunny Mediterranean yellow walls.  The leather look bench seating (Kirkland’s) makes for a space to land, when removing shoes or reading mail. A coat rack (Kirkland’s) does double duty by adding interest and function.

A fabulous entry foyer makes guests feel welcome

We personalized the room, by adding cherished family photos, books and artwork photographed by Cami’s brother.

Personalized artwork completes a hallway

Special items make the room feel like home to Cami. A room atomizer in a warm cinnamon scent (Pier I Imports) adds the finishing touch to the room. Scent triggers emotions, memories and mood.  What is your favorite scent?

A cat naps on a chair