Photos of wall graphics featuring football and graduation

Conference rooms need love too!

We spend much of our workday in meetings, conferences and professional development. So I can’t figure out why so many conference rooms sing the blues. Middle level managers are estimated to spend more than 35 percent of their day in meetings and at the executive level that number is higher. And this my friends, is the reason that conference rooms need love too!

conference room featuring a bold blue wall

After: The space feels more inviting with a pop of color.

A room with a view

So much time goes into planning and running a productive meeting. Yet, so little goes into the physical space of the room. The conference room plays an important role in the meeting experience.   A well-planned meeting space can dramatically improve a meetings effectiveness. When people are comfortable they engage in conversation and are more creative and productive.

The before photo the space is boring and uninspired

Before: The conference room is boring and uninspired.

I took a tired and uninspired large meeting room and infused the multifunctional space with some positive energy. The space transformed creating a warm, stylish and welcoming environment where people could get inspired while collaborating with each other.

A cabinet provides a place to store items for good housekeeping and organization.

The room has needs too

This powerhouse meeting space is utilized in a variety of ways and its versatility was a key component to the room. The room needed to be flexible to accommodate a multitude of needs, from board meetings and festive events, to professional development conferences or human resources recruiting event. Did I mention there was a tight budget? The good news is that the carpet was in excellent shape and the tables and chairs were staying.

This conference room is a multifunctional space that is interesting comfortable and inspires creativity

A neutral color scheme featuring Dunn Edwards porous stone warmed up the space while a bold pop of mid night sun amped up the interest.  Charging stations were designed and added to propel the room into the 21st Century so conference-goers could potentially use a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Old vertical blinds date the conference room.

The vertical blinds had yellowed with age and looked sad and boxed in an already linear room.

The only architectural feature in the room was hidden by outdated blinds. Once removed the metal window casings add interest to the space.  Charging stations added versatility to the busy room and provide connectivity to 21st Century.   

Oversized wall graphics add a unique element to the space that provide color, texture and shares a story  with the community.

A wall sized graphic provides major interest to this room. The graphics serve as a reminder that as a community they are in the education business and a part of something special.

A graduation wall graphic adds inspiration and drama to a conference room.