Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® transforms a big box ceramic tile floor

After months of researching bathroom floor options to update my dated big box floor ceramic tile, I decided to transform my floor with paint. This budget friendly and relatively easy to do project provided just the pizzazz I was after.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey pictured.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint changed my life.

The tile was cracked, tired and in need of a refresh, however my champagne taste on a beer budget proved to be a challenge in finding the right solution. A Pinterest search led me to the magic and sheer genius of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I was skeptical that something as simple as paint could look so amazing.

Photo of the old big box tile floor

My regular big box store tile needed some love and attention.

West Highland Terrier is resting on the old floor waiting for the painting to begin

Bradley Cooper in true Westie fashion needed to be at the center of the helm.

BJ Powell at Wood Creations in Mesa, Arizona was a wealth of information regarding the Annie Sloan line. Armed with my supplies I walk out of the store tingling with excitement about my adventures in ceramic tile transformation. 

Let the transformation begin

I washed my floor with Dawn dishwashing detergent and water. It’s important to ensure the floor is clean. I would like to share that Dawn is amazing for cleaning floors.   I applied the first coat of Old White with a roller and cut in along the walls with a chip brush. The paint dried quick and I applied a second coat with a brush and let it dry overnight. 

Roller painting the first coat of ceramic tile.

There is no turning back now!

I loved the feel of the dried chalk paint on my feet, and the Old White brightened and lightened the bathroom. Royal Design Studio is where I purchased the Toledo Tile stencil and large 3-inch stencil brush. In hindsight, I would purchase two stencils because it would make this time-consuming project move faster. Plus, I had to cut the stencil to fit around the toilet and vanity, having two stencils would make it much easier.   

One coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint covers the tile

One coat of Annie Sloan Chalk paint provides a base coat.

The elbow grease needed for the stencil process was all worth it.


The final step in my floor refresh required two coats of Chalk Paint® Lacquer to seal the floor. It goes on clear and provides durability. The paint products have very little odor and are like working with butter. It’s an incredibly lovely paint line and I can’t wait to start my next project next week. Annie Sloan products totally rocked my floor.

Annie Sloan chalk paint and stencil floor is finished.

The finished floor looks like a million dollars.