The psychology of color

Color is a powerful mechanism that affects mood, behavior and stress levels. The right hue can set a mood by playing with dimension. It can add warmth to a space, make a room feel larger, or define a style. It’s why corporations spend millions of dollars researching the role that it plays in human psychology. The perfect hue plays a substantial role in purchasing and branding.

Picking paint colors that speak to you

The hunt for the perfect palette to color your world is a highly subjective and can be confusing. The amount of products on the market are mind-blowing, which makes it easy to get overwhelmed.

The right tint makes a room feel so right, and the wrong selection leaves it unsettled. It’s an issue for many people. They fear selecting the wrong paint color. It’s the reason people waiver and stall in the decision making process. But don’t sweat it, after all it is just paint.






Indigo blue bathroom is a showstopper

Paint color creates a sense of harmony

Select colors that speak to you, collect room ideas from your favorite magazine, blogs and Pinterest postings. Ask for help by hiring a professional to help you select the perfect tone. If your first attempt is a disaster, don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to reselect and erase the mistake.




Color inspiration can be found everywhere.  Oka-B shoes packing is amazing

One only needs to look at their favorite restaurant latest party invitation or best friends scarf. I purchased a pair of sandals and much to my delight the companies packaging is beautiful. I can easily see using it to create a pretty palate. If you are having problems selecting paint consider purchasing a sample of paint, or investing in a professional consultation. A few dollars on the front side may save you from headaches, stress and a costly mistake. Schedule a virtual color consultation to make your project a breeze.





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