A meeting room refresh inspires the next generation of thinking

The third-floor administrative building refresh project features a suite of conference rooms that were all in need of serious love and attention. I worked with my friends at KWS Construction to complete the makeover. I dreamt it and they built it, providing a comfortable and attractive meeting space designed to inspire the next generation of thinking for the Mesa Public Schools community.

Conference room refresh featuring a bold blue wall

The Copper Room features a bold blue wall, custom mill work, roller shades and carpet.

Let the room refresh begin

Room 303, now known as the Copper Room, was the first conference room on the third floor to receive a refresh. My goal was to continue a sense of cohesion throughout the building. I wanted to create an inviting space that would enhance the workplace culture, increase comfort, and promote productivity and collaboration amongst participants.

The meeting room refresh provides a light and bright space.

Budget was a huge consideration and I had to be smart using the dollars for this space. New carpet tiles were added to create continuity on the entire floor, replacing old stained and faded carpet. Once burgundy the 1990’s carpet faded to pink. Carpet squares provide durable floor coverage and make it easier to repair damages and wear and tear.

A meeting room makeover refreshes the room.

Bold blue walls enhance the learning space.

Dunn Edwards Stone and Midnight Sun, update the walls by adding interest and enhancing the mood. Midnight Sun had been dubbed Mesa Public Schools blue.

A room with a view

In Arizona, sun protection is a serious need. Roller shades were a durable solution to update the old vertical blinds.  The blinds enhance the mountain views, providing an aesthetically pleasing sense of Zen. Yet, appealed to the practicality Gods by providing the level of function needed for a busy meeting room.   (abettertint.com)

The large multifunctional space holds a variety of meetings, trainings and events. Due to tight budget constraints, the tables and chairs were staying.  However, KWS and I designed unique furniture pieces that were attractive and functional to glam up the room.  Custom cabinet space was designed using pretty wood veneers to hold waste and recycle bins. (Wilsonart 5th Aven Elm and Matte Gray Bronze) The cabinets added additional, storage, counter and work space, while providing texture, form and color. A striking custom desk and podium were added to serve as command central space. While matching chair rails line the walls as a place for chairs to land when not in use.

Custom cabinets provide functionality in the meeting room.

New custom mill work provides functionality in the meeting room.

Custom waste containers enhance the function of the room

Custom waste containers enhance the function of the room

The conference rooms were named after three of Arizona’s five core economy drivers when it first became a state. Like the color on the walls and the furniture in the room, meeting spaces need an identity. Room 303 became the Copper Room.

Ready to see the before photos?

Before photos show a dark and uninspiring space.

Before the meeting refresh.

Before photos feature a space that needs attention.

Before photos feature old yellowed vertical blinds.

Before photos shows trash cans, computer wires and white walls.