Monthly Archives: May 2018

Blue stripped market umbrella

Let the backyard refresh begin

A backyard refresh project on a shoestring budget, transformed a tired desert courtyard into a charming European inspired retreat.   The Arizona desert is brutal in the summertime and after years of failed attempts to grow beautiful lush grass, I waved the white flag. I wanted an economical and easy to maintain solution. Most of …

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Let there be light

With the flip of a light switch, lighting is the easiest way to change the ambiance and mood of your home. Yet, most of our rooms are light challenged. The entire room reflects (pun intended) when lighting is done right. The lights are on Layer your light to add function, character and warmth. Start with …

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Step into the fabulous foyer of a classic Atlanta townhome

The foyer in all its fabulousness makes a powerful first impression. The magic of a warm and welcoming home starts the moment you walk through the entryway. This stage-setting space is where guests are greeted and sets the tone for one’s first experiences in your abode.  Often overlooked, the foyer communicates important messages about yourself to …

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First impressions are everything to your home’s exterior

First impressions are everything, especially to your home’s exterior. We all judge a book by it’s cover. But, have you considered what your home’s exterior reveals about you? Is it looking a little lackluster, perhaps its time for a refresh? Whether you want to rev up your curb appeal, or put it on the market, …

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A Spring bedroom makeover adds interest

Time for a spring makeover. In Arizona we tend to skip Spring and jump right into hot. Deep in our souls, Zonies dread the unrelentless heat that is around the corner. Inherient, is the desire to lighten things up. This year, Spring came a calling and provided a healthy dose of inspiration to change things …

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