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Art plays a starring role in a budget friendly conference room design

Art is an important part of good design and its why I decided to make it take center stage in a recent conference room project. Art is exciting because it pulls a room together by enhancing the colors and shades of paint, fabric and textures. Cleaver art can invoke a smile, spark an idea and …

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Lobby artwork provides a pop of bold color

  Embrace the power of artwork. It adds interest and color in your home or office and is an excellent way to personalize the space. An artfully arranged composition shares your story and conveys messages about who you are and whats important to you. Everybody loves a good story.  Why not share it through your …

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Use artwork to share stories that engage and inspire

                                    Use art to engage and inspire guests Unique Artwork completes a room the way icing does to a cake. It adds color, texture and definition to a space. We use art to share stories of significance about events, places …

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