Art plays a starring role in a budget friendly conference room design

Art is an important part of good design and its why I decided to make it take center stage in a recent conference room project. Art is exciting because it pulls a room together by enhancing the colors and shades of paint, fabric and textures. Cleaver art can invoke a smile, spark an idea and provide an escape.

Blue prints make meaningful artwork

We spend a lot of time in our work spaces. Whether at work or home, so it makes sense that our surroundings should inspire and motive us to accomplish great things. When an atmosphere sings to one’s soul, people are happier and more productive.

Artwork should be meaningful

Personally, I think it is important to incorporate art that tells a story or holds a certain significance for the rooms audience.  For example, I knew when I stumbled upon blue prints from 1936 that I had hit the jackpot.

Blue prints of "Old Main", Mesa High School

Mesa High School, “Old Main” was destroyed in a fire in 1967.

My project involved creating two functional work spaces out of one large outdated room in an office building  One of them being a conference room. When a little bird told me about a giant vault where all blueprints for the district reside, I took a road trip to check out what stories there might be to tell. Obviously, I hit the jackpot with these prints, because they are of the first high school and date back to the early turn of the century. The school, “Old Main”, burned down in 1967 in a traffic fire. So, not only are the prints beautiful they hold special meaning for the community.

Blue prints artwork