Removable wallpaper that looks like shiplap

A clever idea adds flair to a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are the belle of the ball in an open concept home. They create additional work space and provide guests an out of the way places to park it, while engaging with the cook. My eight-year old nephew and I have made many cookies, craft projects and enjoyed lots of snacks at my counter. It’s the central hub and heart of my home.

The fix is in

The one thing I don’t enjoy about my kitchen island are the never-ending scuff marks on the wall. It’s challenging to sit at a counter and not leave a scuff or two. To my delight, I transformed the kitchen using removable paper. Which proved to be a clever and inexpensive solution to solve my kitchen island issue.

kitchen island before shiplap                                           Kitchen island featuring wall paper shiplap

Best laid kitchen plans

Eventually, the orange wood cabinets will be replaced, and a back splash will be added to the kitchen wall. For now, the answer to my dilemma, had to be something easy that would work with the current situation. Like Joanna Gaines, I fancy the look of shiplap but wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. Removeable wallpapers add interest, color and texture without using nails or paste. There is no muss and no fuss. Which makes them the perfect answer for renters, quick fixes and commitment phobic people.

Removeable wall paper is bank account friendly and easy to apply. The look of shiplap paper hides the challenges of textured walls and their imperfections. It tricks the eye, making it appear fool proof. It is fun to hear guests marvel in wonder and awe at the ship lap wall. It’s even more fun when they realize it’s removable wall paper.


Shiplap is clever on a kitchen island bar

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